I've been seeing Cynthia for regular monthly massages for over two and a half years. I found her through her website...after trying various different treatments to relieve chronic back and neck pain (cortisone injections, patches, chiropractor, acupuncture, and physical therapy). After just a few sessions I noticed significant improvement in my mobility and less pain (HOORAY!!). During my pregnancy last year her massages were a Godsend! I continue to see her regularly and don't feel any guilt over getting monthly massages. The benefits of her massage services definitely out way the cost!

Cynthia really knows how to get to the root of the pain (be it neck, lower back, shoulder, arm, etc). When my husband injured a muscle in his leg and hip, he was not able to walk without sever pain. I called Cynthia right away and he saw her within 24 hours. After a half hour session she pinpointed the issue and worked out the tight muscles relieving the majority of his pain. He walked out of the room ecstatic he could walk without excruciating pain. She also gave him helpful tips for how to help him work it out at home so he could keep the mobility as his injury healed. Cynthia's excellent table side manner, ability to assess the source of pain and expert massage techniques really do the trick!

Thank you Cynthia!

Lauren Gunter, Financial Analyst

I had been suffering from moderate to severe neck pain for a YEAR before visiting Cynthia. The neck pain resulted from a bad fall in which I had also broke a rib and a finger. First, I tried two chiropractors which only resulted in more pain. I got no relief whatsoever. Then I saw my regular MD. He first referred me to physical therapy for three months which provided limited and temporary relief. Next the MD referred me to an acupuncturist. I had a number of treatments over three months which provided limited relief. My regular MD had earlier suggested massage as a possible remedy. When I first visited Cynthia my neck was in severe pain. My range of motion was very limited. It was beginning to affect my driving as I had a difficult time turning my head to backup.

I could not turn my neck very far in either direction without severe pain. I could not lie flat on my back and rest my head without severe pain. After just three sessions I experienced a major reduction in pain. I no longer take any painkillers. My range of neck motion is now full with no restrictions. I can now lay on my back without any neck pain. I now have very little pain. In addition to the pain relief, the massages are very relaxing. They have served to reduce the stress in my body. I will be continuing my massage therapy with Cynthia....SHE IS EXCELLENT AT DOING WHAT SHE DOES!

David Masche, CPA

I have been a client of Cynthia’s for many years. Prior to discovering her, I procured massage treatments from enumerable therapists and was never completely comfortable or satisfied even though, many of them were very good with either their technical ability or their “bedside manner”. Cynthia combines the best of both.

Through her regular treatments she has helped to relieve my chronic pain due to injury, helped remedy my discomfort due to degenerating disc issues, helped alleviate restrictions that wouldn’t allow me to exercise as desired. (Although I guess my desire to exercise lately hasn’t been all that strong!)

I now no longer view regular massage treatments as pampering myself and view them as a necessary physical therapy. Cynthia has an inherent ability to sense what is amiss with the body and to help improve it.

I consider this investment in my health to be an immediate payback as well as a long term benefit. It is always one of the best hours I spend in any given week.

Thank you Cynthia, may you never cease to provide this service.

Wil Heizer, Operations Manager